Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What plot are you living?

A quote from the writer Jill Ker Conway:

"As a young person, it is important to scrutinise the plot you've internalized and find out whether it accurately represents what you want to be, because we tend to act out those life plots unless we think about them."

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I the main character in my own story?
Do I like the setting?
Do I enjoy my relationships with the other characters around me?
Does my story need updating?

What genre am I predominantly living - drama, tragedy, comedy, mystery, epic?
Is it a page-turner?
Does it hold my interest?
Are there enough twists and turns?

You get the picture...


What fragile strong beauty - potential not yet fully realised. We bud, we burst open and then we bloom.

There is continual movement too fine for the human eye, too subtle to grasp. There is no separation between seed, pod and flower.

Safe in the pod until it is time to come forth - a natural breaking of the barrier. It is the birth and realisation of each creative act. The seed holds the completion.

We trust nature. Do we trust ourselves?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Thirst Quenching

A friend writes: "Writing quenches the thirst…" It does. I feel that also. 

When I write, I ground into myself and feel the deliberateness of my creation.

When I write, I am no victim of circumstance but rather an explorer of life.

When I write, I am having a particular experience at a particular time and it is temporary.

When I write, I am on track and not veering off like a runaway train.

When I write, I feel myself in connection with all that is.

When I write, my breath slows and deepens.

When I write, life is laced with curiosity, nuanced by observance, enriched by deep presence.

Writing is the ritual that always brings me home.