Wednesday, 21 January 2015


There are many qualities that are useful in the art and act of writing fiction: stamina, insight, originality, depth, imagination. The writer's tools.

I read a breath-taking work of literary fiction, and I am in awe.
I read a formulaic novel with flashes of decent writing, and I panic.
The greatest fear is that my writing will fall short of what I imagine and sense is possible.

So, the most important quality in this writer's toolbox is TRUST.
Trust is the quality that allows the other capacities room to breathe and function.

There are days when I wonder if this story is worth
There are days when I wonder if this novel will reflect the essence of what I
There are days when I fear the cliché and the easy
There are days when I wonder if a rough draft can be beautifully

2015: A year of Self-Trust.