Monday, 23 February 2015

Words Have Power

It is powerful when a writer turns our view of something upside down, makes us think differently, makes us think at all...just by the way he or she positions words. Here is a nugget that caught my eye recently.

There has been much furore over the movie version of Fisty (that really was an unintentional typo) make that Fifty Shades of Grey. I have no interest in seeing it, or reading the book, but I did enjoy this article about the movie. It is from a review by Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian (February 11th):

     "This is a movie about submitting to erotic chastisement by a handsome man who plays Chopin on his grand piano and sips chardonnay from long-stemmed glassware. He is extremely rich. Because there is nothing sexy about spanking if he's skint."

An interesting perspective, I thought.