Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Urge to Build and Create

In early June, I stayed a few nights with a friend who lives in the Pacific Northwest of America. Her home nestles among the tall trees and ferns of the southern part of Whidbey Island. Inside the house, shelves and cupboards hold the fruits of her and her husband's creative labours: fallen trees have become vases, bowls, cups, sculptures. An enchanted forest within and without.

I stroked the smooth contours of a bowl, admired the knots and whorls on a simple plate, ran a finger up the stem of a vase across the spirals of tree time. In each piece, the original essence of the tree had assumed a new shape, a new expression, under the gentle hands of these kind people. So many stories, phases, chapters of a tree life.

Some days later, I walked along Ruby Beach on the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula. I noticed a simple pile of pebbles set upon a rock. That human urge to build and create...