Friday, 28 August 2015

Stories that come and Go

I am in the process of sorting through old notebooks...a delicious exercise that brings back all sorts of memories. I came across a page where I had listed news stories that had stayed with me over time. Looking at this random list, it struck me that I would have few new ones to add.

Too much information. Inundated, saturated, overwhelmed...
A constant media barrage - a tsunami - where individual stories sweep over and past us.
Where is the blank space in our media-driven world?
Where do we pause and craft?
Where do we fall silent and reflect?

In no particular order:

Julia Butterfly Hill saves a tree
Jane Goodall inspires
A literal tsunami sweeps away villages and lives.

Long ago sugar mountains
Power cuts
The hurricane of '87

Indira Ghandi murdered
The Challenger explodes
Di marries Charles
Princess Diana found dead
Mother Teresa leaves us in the same pocket of time.

The war in Iraq
Matthew Shepard
A story now being challenged
Clinton and the blue dress.

David Koresh
A Cuban boy "saved" from his family with guns

Anita Hill
Clarence Thomas
Torture of soldiers
Obama gets in

How do we sort through? What do we make of these stories that intersect our lives?