Thursday, 29 October 2015

Self-reflective Writing

I am preparing for a writing workshop - a one-day exploration of personal stories. This is something I believe in; this is work I have been quietly skirting for much of my life. We are all made up of stories. Some of these are known to us, some hidden, many just the partly conscious backdrop to our days. But all these stories shape who we are, influence how we feel, affect how we act.

My work, if I can call it that, is to tend my own stories and encourage others to do the same. My workshop is to be a place that is hospitable to stories, hospitable to the narratives that run through us like so many threads pulling and tugging, making us taut or sagged.

When we come to know our stories - when we bring them home - we live on into a narrative where all the threads can be gathered and held, where all the characters can be appreciated for who and what they are. I want my life to be a great book - a book worth reading. How about you?