Thursday, 22 December 2016

Writing on the Soul

My physical practice of writing has taken a back seat in the latter part of this year. My mother's death and its aftermath demanded by full attention in ways that were practical, soulful, emotional, and full of gifts. With each act of remembering her love settled more deeply into my bones.

Yet while physical writing took a back seat, I was conscious of the ways in which we are always writing into our souls. This year has enlarged the landscape of my soul and I am grateful. My promise to the year that comes is a deeper listening to the earth - the earth as I see it around me and the earth that exists within.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Getting to Know the Characters

I take pastel index cards and begin to write: the character's name, age, appearance, mannerisms, motivations, secret fears. When did this person's life freeze? What is the underlying tension? What are their recurrent thoughts? What matters to them? What is in the forefront and background of this person's life? Words mount up. I know this character; I can see them. Not just a story then - something that has a life. 

a good place to start. 
I think of the trees 
I noticed 
on a recent backpacking trip. 

What made you grow there? 
What made you take on that particular shape? 
How did you know the soil 
would be hospitable 
even in seemingly rocky ground?


Thursday, 21 July 2016

A First Draft (part 2)

It sits at the end of the table. A fat folder filled with another file of papers, jottings, chapter headings as if writing was a tidy business with a beginning, middle and end.

It's all on the computer along with the shadow cast by feedback. The task now to begin again: examine with a fresh perspective; listen with a keener ear; be ruthless.

Is it any good? How can I make it better? Is it a light re-write or a complete overhaul?

The folder sits heavy on the table waiting for me to make the first move. It can't be a false gesture. I can't flirt with this or make a cheap pass.  I have to make good on any promise.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A First Draft

I have just kept a promise to myself and completed the first draft of a novel by the end of May 2016. It feels good. It feels good to keep faith with myself, and it feels good to give birth to something however imperfect...

Even though this is a work of fiction, some of the storyline has been drawn from my own life with facts altered, names changed, experiences expanded upon so that the novel feels in part like an alternate life, a shadow of me that exists on the page and also in some finer invisible realm occasioned by the threading together of words. What happens with each iteration of self? What is ended and allowed to die? What is written into existence?

As I write this, a grey squirrel darts back and forth across a wooden deck. I am watching through a set of glass doors. He seems to symbolise the entrance and exit of a character...the entrance and exit of a life. I suspect he is a comedian.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Write Yourself Into Existence

All year, I will explore ways in which we can play with creative writing practices to delve within,  find our voice, know ourselves in our we slow down to write, to notice, to feel, to translate our inner world we live into the beauty, depth and simplicity of who we are.